July 26, 2010

Viruses, Holidays and Shrinkage

I’m back! You might not have known I was gone, but last week I got a nasty virus on my laptop, so for the last five days I have been without a computer. It has really brought home to me how many parts of my daily life involves being online. How do you find a computer-repair-man in a hurry without doing a quick search online? And when I found one, how I wished I could have searched for the address on a map to find their offices out in an unfamiliar suburb. And that was just within the first five minutes ... But of course there are upsides to it as well. Without a computer I had to postpone some of the work I was planning on doing, and could go here for a few days ..

Today I also picked up the first ducks made using my new plaster casts. I have tried out two different types of porcelain clay, and if you look closely you might see that they are slightly different in color. They have also shrunk a lot in firing, so now they look like little ducklings next to the original duck.

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