April 11, 2009

Ear to the Catalan style

One of my favorite things when going somewhere is trying out the local grub, and so far Barcelona has provided some great food! Today I walked to El Poblenou, where I ended up in a very rustic and ‘authentic’-looking restaurant. Not another tourist in sight. Since my Spanish is shamefully poor (read: can order up to seven beers), I was positively surprised to find also an English version of the menu. Albeit with some funky translations. I opted not to go for the ‘Mussels in special sailor sauce’. Instead I went for the ‘Ear to the Catalan style’, figuring this might be a carefully selected local speciality....maybe even a medley of specialties! What I got was a boiled pig’s ear on a plate. Felt a bit let down, especially since this was a seafood restaurant. And this must then have been the only meat-dish on the menu. But, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, and washing it down with a bucket of wine certainly helped. So, lessons learned: Always have a snoop around the local market before chancing it on a menu. And learning the local lingo is always, always a good idea.

At the local market, later in the day....

April 02, 2009

All things pretty

While researching how to use decals on pottery online, I happened upon this blog by Heather Moore from South Africa. I have taken the pictures below from her Flickr page.

The whole blog is just very, very pretty, and packed with crafty ideas that really makes you want to go ahead and make stuff yourself. In my case it inspired me to make this:

Not really a craft project, but what can I say....I was hungry :-)
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