December 22, 2008

Ghost Photo II

I was playing with my phone camera today, and got this picture of my kitchen window. Not sure how it happened exactly, something obviously went wrong somewhere, and I wasn't able to repeat it......but i kind of like it. And yes, I admit, kind of inspired by the previous post..

December 11, 2008

Nicoletta Brunklaus

I am so in love with the latest collection by Dutch designer Nicoletta Brunklaus. Both very modern and with great patina. It is called 'House of Anne' and I think I have read that all the photos are taken at the school she attended as a young girl.

Lampshade with cot-outs in some of the windows

November 18, 2008


We are definitely getting close to winter. This morning as I walked to work I spotted these autumn leaves, now covered in frost. 
I like this time of year. This is when you can't help but knit, make soup, write letters, watch slow movies, fill your pantry, chop wood, calm things down and stay warm and cosy....

November 14, 2008

Ghost photo

I got a new mobile phone today, after my old one was stolen in London. I discovered that it already had pictures in its gallery. They look to be taken here in Oslo, and I thought they were quite good.

My brand new phone has a past, and came with luggage.
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