April 17, 2010

New line

The days are getting longer and brighter, and it makes me want to make chrisper and cleaner things. I made a couple of these hand-pinched porcelain bowls last week, and now they have navy blue stripes on them. Might add them to my Epla shop, which has been slightly neglected lately.

April 03, 2010

Printers blocks: Something fishy

While still buzzing from the Letterpress workshop I thought I might show you some of the old letterpress printers blocks I have gathered over the years. This one is one of my absolute favorites. I do love fish, and who could resist this ugly mug? Actually, this is more what we in Norwegian would call 'styggpen', which I guess would translate to ugly-pretty. Which basically means that it is ugly enough to be charming and unique.. underdog pretty. But I also love all the intricate detail and the fact that it seems to have been used a lot. At the moment this is just sitting in a drawer, and it would feel very satisfying to use it for printing again.

I also have a small sole, which would also be great to get out of retirement.

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