July 19, 2010

Printers blocks: Snakeoil

Today I thought I'd show you two more of my old printers blocks, this time with a medical theme. The first one is a bottle of milk of magnesia by the Philadelphia Magnesia Co.

" For relief of acid condition. An effective but gentle laxative".

Yep, every home should have one. I think this block was a genuine advertisement for the product, and it is really detailed and in pretty good condition.

The second one I was more unsure of. It says:

"German Liquor Cure. Sure cure for drunkenness. Stop drinking. Sold only by Sears Roebuck and Co".

The rest is kind of hard to decipher. Because of that, and the whole 'cure'-thing, I thought this might have been an advert for a novelty product, for instance some kind of sweets? But then I found this online, and what do you know, in 1902 there really was a cure for drunkenness!

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