June 03, 2010

Volcanic glaze?

I have made some more porcelain clouds, which I thought I might try and make into brooches for the up-coming market. I gave them a coating of one of my favourite glazes, which gives a lot of colour variation depending on glaze thickness, ranging from acidic yellow to turquoise. This time they came out of the oven with more variations than I had bargained for though – they were all bubbly! Have not figured out why yet… I have used the same porcelain clay and temperature before, without this happening. Quite the conundrum. Anyway, this is one of the joys of working with ceramics; you never can tell exactly what you are going to end up with. They remind me a little of the Islandic volcanic ash plumes we have seen lately. So maybe that is what they are: Volcanic ash clouds?

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