June 26, 2010

Making plaster casts

This weekend we had a plaster cast workshop at the pottery studio, held by plaster-caster-extraordinare Kjersti Lunde. Great fun, and a lot more to it than what I in my ignorance had thought. Pictures of my evolving projects below.

The finished production, which now has to dry out for about a week or so before I can start using them. Can't wait!


  1. Funny pics! I did a two years education in ceramics before I studied graphic design and I had to work with plaster forms every morning. I hate it, because there were big heating tubes in the plaster area and the forms were so heavy, therefore working was pain. We mostly made mugs in this german "grau-blau" style... :( but just little ones from plaster forms.

  2. You have done ceramics too? You lucky girl! This is my first attempt at using plaster casts, and so far I'm loving it! Even if it is backbreaking work. But ask me again in two years time, hehe.. Will post more pictures of some of the finished results when they are fired.

  3. Great. Will continue reading your adventures in ceramics! I miss the smell of clay. :)


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