November 20, 2009

Me, a daredevil

Big things have happened here lately. After a few months of careful deliberation and planning I have now quit my job!! Not that I was desperately unhappy in my old one, on the contrary, I enjoyed most aspects of it. But it did seem to take over more and more of my time and my life, and I have been craving a change of pace for some time now. So, I have now taken the plunge and am going back to a line of work that I have done before: offshore geology. Only this time I am starting my own consultancy, to make it a bit more of a challenge to myself. Going independent was never anything I thought would be possible for me, but once the idea was planted I realized it could be both possible and fun! Now that it is a reality, I am feeling both exhilarated and a bit sick to my stomach. But mostly exited. So here goes, fingers crossed!

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